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    Our world changes constantly, but this year seems to launching into a whole new era of change with the advent of our 45th President of the United States. The prospects for change are what the American public supported during last year's political campaign. As 2017 begins, we know that change is coming. Yet we are still not confident what exactly the new changes will look like. And so, with faith in the American system of democracy, many have no choice but to take on an attitude of 'wait and see.' In the meantime, change is also happening around the globe. This issue of Insights provides several aspects of change that bear upon the nature of the changes ahead. As we contemplate our future, we ought to look back with some clarity on what we progress we have made and what we have put in place that bring us to this day. Read about the top ten risks for 2017, the thinking behind the creation of a new world order, the progress on our globe when we look at everyone around the world, and how the European Union is preparing for the exit of Great Britain These insights should provide a basis for our future. We will have to wait and see.

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