Monday , March 19, 2018


Tom Duncan

Issue: August 2014 | Company: Positec Tool Corporation

Positec Tool Corporation

Positec Tool Corporation is the North American subsidiary of the China-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes home improvement techn…

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Harry Dobrowolski

Issue: August 2014 | Company: DyStar LP

DyStar LP

DyStar’s lineage is a Who’s Who of integrations, mergers and acquisitions. Now owned by China-and India-based partners, the company is a product of th…

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Zenda Douglas

Issue: July 2014 | Company: Greater Charlotte Biz

Greater Charlotte Biz

One of the most fundamental obligations of any society is to prepare its adolescents and young adults to lead productive and prosperous lives as adult…

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Randy Austin

Issue: July 2014 | Company: Vision Metering, LLC

Vision Metering, LLC

From humble beginnings as a distributor and renovator of surplus electrical meters and equipment, Vision Metering has greatly expanded its offerings i…

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Bryan Farris

Issue: July 2014 | Company: Farris Fab

Farris Fab

Farris Fab manufactures parts for a diverse range of multi-billion dollar OEMs that are a who’s who of American business. Their parts can be found in…

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Steve Fussy

Issue: July 2014 | Company: SEM Products, Inc.

SEM Products, Inc.

SEM Products is an unusual manufacturing company in that it is employee-owned. Says President Steve Fussy, “We focus on satisfying the special repair…

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Alan Shao

Issue: July 2014 | Company: College of Charleston School of Business

College of Charleston School of Business

Globalization is the dominant business environment. Increasingly connected marketplaces afford businesses a potential of more than 7 billion customers…

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Chase Boone Saunders

Issue: May 2014 | Company: McNair Law Firm

McNair Law Firm

Polymath Chase Saunders is one of a growing number of Charlotteans championing Charlotte as the global hub for international trade on the East coast o…

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Bill Stokes, Jim Abbott and Phil Mahoney

Issue: May 2014 | Company: American Security Mortgage Corp.

American Security Mortgage Corp.

When the nation found itself in a mortgage nightmare after 2008, American Security Mortgage Corp. held on tight and persevered. It might have been the…

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Bill McKinnell IV & Terry Ward

Issue: May 2014 | Company: Tucker-Kirby Co.

Tucker-Kirby Co.

Family-owned Tucker-Kirby Co. has been a recognized provider of concrete, masonry, waterproofing and geotextiles for the residential, commercial and i…

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