Monday , March 19, 2018


Bill McKinnell IV & Terry Ward

Issue: May 2014 | Company: Tucker-Kirby Co.

Tucker-Kirby Co.

Family-owned Tucker-Kirby Co. has been a recognized provider of concrete, masonry, waterproofing and geotextiles for the residential, commercial and i…

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John Norman

Issue: May 2014 | Company: GreerWalker Corporate Finance, LLC Ste. 1100 Charlotte, N.C. 28202

GreerWalker Corporate Finance, LLC Ste. 1100 Charlotte, N.C. 28202

As managing director of GreerWalker’s exit planning and investment bank affiliate, John Norman revels in unraveling the complex tax laws governing for…

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Barbara Fagan

Issue: April 2014 | Company: Greater Charlotte Biz

Greater Charlotte Biz

A new zeitgeist is growing in Charlotte—a feeling that Charlotte is on the brink of something even larger. And there’s evidence to support that feelin…

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Michael Guggenheimer

Issue: April 2014 | Company: RSC Bio Solutions, LLC

RSC Bio Solutions, LLC

“Radiator Specialty Company has a long-standing strength in formulating and manufacturing lubricants and cleaners using bio-based ingredients, so the…

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Don Rothwell

Issue: April 2014 | Company: Schleich USA, Inc.

Schleich USA, Inc.

“We knew Charlotte gave us the business advantages we were looking for,” says Schleich USA Executive V.P. Don Rothwell, referring to N.C. as a busines…

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Greg M. Botner

Issue: April 2014 | Company: Wilbert Plastic Services

Wilbert Plastic Services

Wilbert Plastic Services is a leading supplier of plastic injection molded and heavy gauge thermoform products and assemblies in North America. “Our a…

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Thomas E. Skains

Issue: April 2014 | Company: Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc.

Natural gas is one of North America’s most abundant and affordable energy sources, with great potential to boost economic growth, help our balance of…

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Robert Dawson

Issue: March 2014 | Company: Charlotte Inland Terminal (CIT) General Manager Robert Dawson

Charlotte Inland Terminal (CIT) General Manager Robert Dawson

The ports at Wilmington, Charleston and Savannah are the South’s gateway to global trade. They are job-creating magnets for international trade and in…

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Myra Heavner

Issue: March 2014 | Company: S.E.A. Corp.

S.E.A. Corp.

“We operate like a travel agency for freight,” quips S.E.A. Corp. President Myra Heavner. “We connect manufacturers and corporate clients with shippin…

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Dirk Lindenbeck

Issue: March 2014 | Company: B+E Manufacturing Co., Inc.

B+E Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Dirk Lindenbeck used his years of experience in the diamond tool industry in building B+E Manufacturing Co., Inc., a machining shop, and Stainless Val…

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