Monday , March 19, 2018


Dirk Lindenbeck

Issue: March 2014 | Company: B+E Manufacturing Co., Inc.

B+E Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Dirk Lindenbeck used his years of experience in the diamond tool industry in building B+E Manufacturing Co., Inc., a machining shop, and Stainless Val…

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Tom and Mark Miralia

Issue: March 2014 | Company: Distribution Technology Inc.

Distribution Technology Inc.

The Miralia father and sons team at Distribution Technology says their greatest strength shows when they have daily activity—daily inbound and daily o…

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Michael Gallis

Issue: February 2014 | Company: Norfolk Southern Railway

Norfolk Southern Railway

Norfolk Southern’s Intermodal Facility is evidence of a plan coming together: the airport as a central location connecting rail, trucking and port. Fr…

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Peter Wunsch

Issue: February 2014 | Company: GIZ


“Our primary mission is to reinforce local and regional efforts to close the mid-skills training gap by leveraging our many years of global workforce…

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Jack Burke

Issue: February 2014 | Company: Burke Communications, Inc.

Burke Communications, Inc.

“The way we differentiate ourselves is our expertise, our talented employees and our technology—but mostly it’s our imagination and creativity as a te…

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Vic Gondha

Issue: February 2014 | Company: American Circuits, Inc.

American Circuits, Inc.

When Vic Gondha looks at a circuit board, he sees gold—as in a golden opportunity to build a business, create jobs, feed families and strengthen our d…

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Matt Matthews

Issue: February 2014 | Company: Elite Logistics, LLC

Elite Logistics, LLC

“Our true purpose is to be ‘The strongest link in the supply chain’ for our clients. This means going above and beyond, continuing to be the dedicated…

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John C. Fennebresque Jr.

Issue: January 2014 | Company: Fennebresque & Co., LLC

Fennebresque & Co., LLC

“The far-reaching food value chain is rapidly evolving, and it has never been more critical for companies to understand their opportunities and vulner…

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Mary Rinehart

Issue: January 2014 | Company: Rinehart Wealth Management

Rinehart Wealth Management

“I’m a big believer in fiduciary responsibility, and that is what we are committed to,” states Mary Rinehart of Rinehart Wealth Management, a fee-only…

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