Monday , March 19, 2018


Mary Rinehart

Issue: January 2014 | Company: Rinehart Wealth Management

Rinehart Wealth Management

“I’m a big believer in fiduciary responsibility, and that is what we are committed to,” states Mary Rinehart of Rinehart Wealth Management, a fee-only…

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Richard C. “Rick” Gaskins Jr.

Issue: December 2013 | Company: Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation

Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation

The Catawba Riverkeepers Foundation stays abreast of water cleanliness of one of the most endangered rivers in America, the Catawba. ED Rick Gaskins a…

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Angela Overcash and Robbi Jones

Issue: December 2013 | Company: Prism Laboratories, Inc.

Prism Laboratories, Inc.

Prism Laboratories provides analytical services for drinking water, storm water, waste water, soil, hazardous wastes and brown fields, and also tests…

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Robbie & Caroline Delaney

Issue: December 2013 | Company: Muddy River Distillery LLC

Muddy River Distillery LLC

The Muddy River Distillery uses Catawba River water to produce its Carolina Rum, a mid-range white run usually used for mixing, although Head Distille…

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George Selembo

Issue: December 2013 | Company: InfoSense, Inc.

InfoSense, Inc.

InfoSense is the outgrowth of a unique development partnership between UNC Charlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department. The company’s i…

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Jag Gill

Issue: November 2013 | Company: Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, P.A. (CEENTA)

Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, P.A. (CEENTA)

CEENTA has spent a little short of a century growing its practice from three to over 70 physicians from one office to 15 offices across the extended C…

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Dan Janies

Issue: November 2013 | Company: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Supramap doesn’t just track the spread of viruses, it tracks how the viruses are mutating as they jump into new hosts and encounter new medicines. Usi…

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