Monday , March 19, 2018


Dr. Dan Murrey

Issue: September 2013 | Company: OrthoCarolina, P.A.

OrthoCarolina, P.A.

OrthoCarolina leverages technology and patient engagement to establish a track record of affordable, successful orthopedic care that will be vital to…

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Dr. Cory Brouwer

Issue: August 2013 | Company: P2EP Project at the North Carolina

P2EP Project at the North Carolina

The Plant Pathways Elucidation Project (P2EP) research at NCRC is exploring plant pathways—the series of chemical reactions in plants that make compou…

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Mike Restaino

Issue: August 2013 | Company: 7th Street Public Market

7th Street Public Market

The 7th Street Public Market has an open, urban cool feel creating the perfect backdrop for vendors offering products ranging from organic and local p…

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Peter Wilson

Issue: August 2013 | Company: Great Scot International, Inc.

Great Scot International, Inc.

Great Scot International textiles find their way to a diverse sales base including suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, universities, municipalities,…

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Alex Simpson

Issue: August 2013 | Company: Simpson’s Eggs, Inc.

Simpson’s Eggs, Inc.

Simpson’s Eggs is a family-run business started by Z.K. Simpson in 1925. Today, third generation Alex Simpson oversees 15 houses totalling 1.2 million…

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Sam, Chad and Travis Starnes

Issue: August 2013 | Company: Circle S Ranch, Inc.

Circle S Ranch, Inc.

Circle S Ranch, one of the state’s largest live turkey production farms, does more than just grow turkeys. They grow grain for the feed, mill the feed…

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John Paul Galles

Issue: July 2013 | Company: Greater Charlotte Biz

Greater Charlotte Biz

Rapid technological change has been destroying jobs faster than it is creating them. Productivity is at record levels, innovation has never been faste…

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Ken Andujar

Issue: July 2013 | Company: Andujar Construction, Inc.

Andujar Construction, Inc.

Ken Andujar’s design+build approach allows for design quality, while controlling costs and schedules, ensuring timely completion of projects. Together…

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Oscar Covarrubias

Issue: July 2013 | Company: Latin Labor Staffing

Latin Labor Staffing

For workers with low skills or spotty work histories, finding employment can be very frustrating. One avenue to full-time employment is temporary work…

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Peter A. Pappas

Issue: July 2013 | Company: Pappas Properties, LLC

Pappas Properties, LLC

“At Pappas Properties, we have a vision when it comes to real estate development. It’s called Placemaking and Community Building, the studied art of d…

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