Thursday , January 18, 2018


Gary Trainor

Issue: May 2013 | Company: Infinisource, Inc.

Infinisource, Inc.

Creating “the most admired technology provider in the human resources industry,” is CEO Gary Trainor’s objective in aggregating everything an employer…

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Ron Carlee

Issue: May 2013 | Company: City of Charlotte

City of Charlotte

Charlotte seems like the perfect fit for new city manager Ron Carlee. He spent over three decades in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Arlington, Virgin…

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Cathy Fisher

Issue: April 2013 | Company: CFS Logistics, Inc.

CFS Logistics, Inc.

Providing a wide range of services for its customers in the shipping community, with bonded storage space for cargo being imported and exported around…

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Rocco and Nic Novelli

Issue: April 2013 | Company: Queen City Helicopter Corp.

Queen City Helicopter Corp.

Queen City Helicopter operates an FAA-approved flight school at a private heliport complete with on-site student housing, state-of-the-art classroom a…

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Bill Polyi

Issue: April 2013 | Company: Magellan Aviation Group

Magellan Aviation Group

This Charlotte-headquartered global supplier of aircraft products and services, and specialist in engine leasing and trading, has covered the Asian Pa…

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T. J. “Jerry” Orr

Issue: April 2013 | Company: Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas has been a key driver of economic growth for the Charlotte region over the last three decades, in no small part because of Aviation…

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Candice Langston

Issue: March 2013 | Company: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The UNC Charlotte solar house for the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon combines the best of education and industry for sustainability, i…

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Phrantceena Thate Halres

Issue: March 2013 | Company: Total ProtectionS USA, LLC

Total ProtectionS USA, LLC

Phrantceena Halres heads up this high-threat/close proximity safety and security services company for the protection of critical national infrastructu…

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Carole McLeod

Issue: March 2013 | Company: Advantage Waste Recycling & Disposal, Inc.

Advantage Waste Recycling & Disposal, Inc.

For Carole McLeod, it’s been about recycling the human spirit. Her mantra, “Hold fast,” is about being patient and holding fast to the people you real…

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Clark Nexsen

Issue: March 2013 | Company: Clark Nexsen, PC

Clark Nexsen, PC

Clark Nexsen is proud of its ability to adapt to the complex needs of an ever-changing business world and technical environment. It realizes that, bey…

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