Monday , March 19, 2018


Jack Truong

Issue: March 2013 | Company: Electrolux North America, Inc.

Electrolux North America, Inc.

When Electrolux relocated its North American headquarters to Charlotte in July 2010, it was the largest corporate relocation to the city in the last 2…

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Ron Sherrill

Issue: February 2013 | Company: SteelFab, Inc.

SteelFab, Inc.

Headquartered in Charlotte with seven divisions spanning the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Texas, SteelFab is a national leader in the fabrication of st…

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Ross D. Bulla

Issue: February 2013 | Company: The Treadstone Group

The Treadstone Group

What’s the harm in buying a Gucci, Prada, Fendi, or Dior designer bag knock-off? Who does it hurt? You might save hundreds of dollars and, well, it ma…

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Dr. John Ziegert

Issue: February 2013 | Company: UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte

We can’t have a vibrant economy without a world-class manufacturing sector. Without it, money only leaves the country. The future is in Advanced Manuf…

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Rob Johnson

Issue: February 2013 | Company: MBAJ Arrchitecture, P.A.

MBAJ Arrchitecture, P.A.

Critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration form the foundation of our work,” says Ron Johnson, one of the principal architects of the firm t…

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Tom Haffner

Issue: February 2013 | Company: P.T. International Corp.

P.T. International Corp.

CEO Tom Haffner says P.T. International is somewhat unique because, unlike most other American companies in this industry, they focus on industrial po…

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Richard Wright

Issue: February 2013 | Company: Southeastern Metal Products, LLC

Southeastern Metal Products, LLC

We pride ourselves in the ability to use our manufacturing and engineering expertise to manage any type of project, ranging from ‘build to print’ to a…

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Jim Clifton

Issue: January 2013 | Company: Gallup


Gallup CEO Jim Clifton describes the global jobs war and what he thinks every leader must know about the future of job creation—that universities have…

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Bryan Kennedy & James Cherry

Issue: January 2013 | Company: Park Sterling Bank

Park Sterling Bank

The story of Park Sterling Bank is actually two stories. The first story is about the startup and growth of a bank from the idea and vision of a handf…

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