Monday , March 19, 2018


Rosanna Stokes

Issue: January 2013 | Company: Dot Metrics Technologies, Inc.

Dot Metrics Technologies, Inc.

Dot Metrics Technologies, a Charlotte-based technology company, in conjunction with the Charlotte Research Institute at UNC Charlotte, has developed a…

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Bob Goulet

Issue: January 2013 | Company: Saprex, LLC

Saprex, LLC

Saprex seeks to expedite the innovation and development cycle for advanced material and subsequent products. Its customers are manufacturers who are c…

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Keith Pehl

Issue: December 2012 | Company: Optima Engineering, P.A.

Optima Engineering, P.A.

“We support the built environment industry by designing systems most people never see,” says Keith Pehl. “It’s not just about having these systems wor…

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Mike Bishop

Issue: December 2012 | Company: Blue Max Materials, Inc.

Blue Max Materials, Inc.

Blue Max seems unassuming and “earthy,” but a survey of the surrounds yields an impressive array of all materials earthen. The company got its start s…

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Pete Prunkl

Issue: December 2012 | Company:

Should sales staff stay with solution selling, a fundamental sales strategy since 1975, or transition to a 21st century insight selling model? If the…

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Rick Handford

Issue: December 2012 | Company: Myers & Chapman, Inc.

Myers & Chapman, Inc.

To make it through the tough times, Myers & Chapman refocused away from developer-driven work to a diverse portfolio—a wide variety of deliverables, f…

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Dr. Yi (pronounced Yee) Deng

Issue: November 2012 | Company: University of North Carolina Charlotte

University of North Carolina Charlotte

“We are generating so much data today that it is physically impossible to store it all,” according to McKinsey Global Institute. This makes the old ma…

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Glenn Williams

Issue: November 2012 | Company: Intellinet Corporation

Intellinet Corporation

“On the back of our business cards is our motto, ‘Promises kept,’” says Glenn Williams of Intellinet Corporation. “Beyond us being a great strategy an…

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Natalie Tindol

Issue: November 2012 | Company: Tindol Ford & Tindol Subaru

Tindol Ford & Tindol Subaru

“I am proud to be part of a company that is such an integral part of what America is,” says Natalie Tindol, owner of Tindol Ford and Subaru. “We’re no…

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