Thursday , January 18, 2018


Dr. Tony Zeiss

Issue: A Tribute to Dr. Tony Zeiss | Company: Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College

By now, you know that Dr. Tony Zeiss is retiring as President of Central Piedmont Community College(CPCC) at the end of 2016. Under his leadership for…

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Jim Rogers

Issue: Insights 16.10.25 | Company: Duke University

Duke University

Jim Rogers is and always has been more than just a big thinker. Of his 25 years as the chief executive of electric and natural gas utilities in the U….

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Clifton Vann IV

Issue: Insights 16.10.25 | Company: Hyde Park Partners

Hyde Park Partners

To see what could be versus what is.” That was the vision of Clifton Vann IV for his company Livingston & Haven, LLC five years ago. “Going a step bey…

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Issue: Insights 16.10.25 | Company:

America is a nation built by immigrants and continues to support the largest flow of immigration around the world. One in five international migrants…

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Issue: Insights 16.09.23 | Company: CSX Railroad

CSX Railroad

CSX Rail – Economic Developments CCX – Intermodal in Rocky Mount & Queen City Express to Wilmington CSX Railroad has been busy lately in the State…

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Stuart Hair

Issue: Insights 16.09.23 | Company: CLT Airport

CLT Airport

CLT Airport’s New Long-range Plan First Draft of New Plan Released for Comments We all know that the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT Airp…

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Issue: Insights 16.09.23 | Company:

Contrary to Political Rhetoric, Immigration in Decline Certainly one of the most championed issues of this year’s Presidential campaign has been illeg…

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Brad Wilson

Issue: Insights 16.09.23 | Company: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

BCBSNC Health Care Challenges Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is In Blue Cross and Blue Shield, North Carolina’s largest health insurer, has…

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Issue: Insights 16.09.23 | Company: Trans Pacific Partnership

Trans Pacific Partnership

In the midst of our Presidential campaign, I thought it might be helpful to put forward some facts about the TPP. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinto…

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