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Phillip D. & Amy S. Morris

Issue: October 2000 | Company: Morris Costumes & Tuxedos

Morris Costumes & Tuxedos

Magician, circus ringmaster, and now costumer Philip Morris claims to have been burned alive, buried alive, and driven cars blindfolded to amuse an ad…

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Greg Panos

Issue: October 2000 | Company: Panos Hotel Group

Panos Hotel Group

Greg Panos never intended to become a hotel magnate. Even with a background in finance, he had to be goaded into it. In an industry with so many desig…

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Harry Nurkin

Issue: September 2000 | Company: Carolinas HealthCare System

Carolinas HealthCare System

When Harry Nurkin first came to Charlotte Memorial Hospital, he found a dilapidated facility with a dispirited staff and a damaged reputation. What he…

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Mac Lackey

Issue: September 2000 | Company:

Barely a year old, Charlotte-based recently announced that it was being acquired by British sports information service…

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Issue: August 2000 | Company:

Charlotte prides itself on being a big-time sports city. But just what is the impact of professional sports teams on the region? And how are businesse…

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Bert Ellis

Issue: August 2000 | Company: iXL Enterprises, Inc.

iXL Enterprises, Inc.

iXL’s Charlotte office general manager Allan Lackey says his company has but one simple goal: “to be the world’s best consulting company for internet…

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N. Bradley Thompson, Jr

Issue: August 2000 | Company: SouthTrust Bank

SouthTrust Bank

SouthTrust Bank’s N. Bradley Thompson is competing with North Carolina’s banking giants by giving customers what they want: competitive prices and exc…

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Richard Siskey

Issue: August 2000 | Company: Wall Street Capitol

Wall Street Capitol

Richard Siskey has always had an ability to discern situations in advance, then devise a strategic response accordingly. In college, his game was ches…

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Issue: July 2000 | Company: Charlotte's Nalle Clinic

Charlotte's Nalle Clinic

In April 2000, Charlotte’s Nalle Clinic closed, leaving 175,000 patients, their records and their physicians with an uncertain future. Novant Health/P…

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