Monday , March 19, 2018


Attila Akat

Issue: April 2015 | Company: Team Creatif USA, Inc.

Team Creatif USA, Inc.

Recent recruit Team Créatif USA, offshoot of France’s largest privately owned design firm, brings with it a powerhouse of branding and package design…

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W. Douglas Parker / Chuck Allen

Issue: January 2015 | Company: American Airlines Group, Inc.

American Airlines Group, Inc.

The integration of American Airlines and US Airways progresses and celebrates linking the two airlines’ route networks and consolidating duplicative o…

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Michael Cooney

Issue: January 2015 | Company: EngNet


EngNet maintains an extensive directory for engineering professionals, offering a digital marketing division as well as an industry news site that inc…

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Carlton Burton

Issue: January 2015 | Company: Burton Engineering Associates

Burton Engineering Associates

Burton Engineering Associates is the “problem solver” for clients’ construction projects. “When we join the team, it becomes as much our project—and w…

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Paul W. Sharkey

Issue: January 2015 | Company: FLXON Inc.


Companies now use the entire package of a product to convey advertising messages with words, images and graphics, in an array of bright designs and ap…

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Marty Bryant

Issue: January 2015 | Company: Wastequip, LLC

Wastequip, LLC

Wastequip has products to suit individual consumers like its popular Toters brand, all the way up to the larger commercial side with its steel contain…

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Avi Reichental

Issue: December 2014 | Company: 3D Systems

3D Systems

“3D printing is an exponential technology,” says Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3D Systems. “It is becoming faster, cheaper and easier to use at…

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Bill & Amy Strickland

Issue: December 2014 | Company: The Goddard School, Rock Hill and Fort Mill

The Goddard School, Rock Hill and Fort Mill

The cost of day care now rivals the price tag for college tuition in some parts of the U.S. However, few people are more familiar with the impact of a…

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Ryan Stone and Eric Legvold

Issue: December 2014 | Company: Jetpool, L.L.C. and SmartSky Networks L.L.C.]

Jetpool, L.L.C. and SmartSky Networks L.L.C.]

Jetpool’s turnkey professional aircraft management services allow companies to focus on their core business, knowing their aircraft is entrusted to a…

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