Monday , December 17, 2018

Trump Heeds Advice from Former Nucor Exec!

Trump Heeds Advice from Former Nucor Exec

GOP Economic Strategy Takes Shape

Did you notice? On June 28, Donald Trump took a serious step forward by turning his comments to the economy and jobs by way of criticizing our free trade agreements. On Monday, August 8, Trump addressed the Detroit Economic Club and presented an updated economic recovery message that adopted the budget and tax proposals from the GOP majority in the House of Representatives.

DiMicco _Dan-P
Dan DiMicco Former Nucor Exec

Trump has obviously been taking instruction from his “advisers.” One important adviser on his economic team is Dan DiMicco, former head of Nucor Steel and now chairman emeritus, from right here in Charlotte. Dan has been outspoken with his disdain China’s “dumping” of steel into the U.S. He has also spoken against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Both items were elements of Trump’s speech yesterday.

Even though Hillary Clinton has also articulated these concerns, it was more dramatic to hear Trump combine three sentences on economic trade that strike an important cord in economic policy.

It is important to remember that every trade agreement has winners and losers. Trump’s promise to renegotiate agreements must be measured by whose interests he intends to protect and push forward and whose interests get left behind.

Now we will need to watch and see whose interests he and Hillary choose to represent in their policies going forward. We have more to learn. This is why our democracy has worked so well. It is not just the votes that count. It is the campaigns and what candidates learn going through the process and their education.

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