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President Obama and Hillary Clinton Campaign in Charlotte!

Obama and Clinton in Charlotte

Targeting North Carolina as a Key State

It was a remarkable day July 5, 2016, when I attended the political rally that had an admittance line over six blocks long. Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton traveled to campaign in Charlotte. They attended a Democratic rally of over 3,000 faithful at the Charlotte Convention Center and then made a quick stop at the Midwood Smokehouse in Plaza Midwood for barbecue and brisket along with the fixins to take home. This was the first campaign trip for President Obama with former Secretary of State Clinton since she clinched the Democratic nomination.

This Charlotte event was planned so that this joint appearance would become the first public event to follow the morning media conference called by FBI Director James Comey to report on the FBI investigation of the Clinton emails. His account included a summary of the emails that had been collected along with the numbers of classified email chains that were not marked appropriately.

John Paul Galles Publisher
John Paul Galles

Comey went on to say that the Secretary and her staff were extremely careless and that they had mishandled classified documents. Nevertheless, he stated that it was FBI judgment that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case with the evidence and research they had gathered. He said the FBI felt that “no charges are appropriate in this case.”

So, why were Obama and Clinton in Charlotte? First, this event was meant to provide some public relations cover to offset the FBI report. Secondarily, but perhaps more important in the long run, they were here because North Carolina has been a swing state in recent years.

In 2008, the state went for Barack Obama to become President; and in 2012, the majority of N.C. voters went for Mitt Romney. Having held his second nominating convention in Charlotte in 2012, President Obama would like to boost Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning North Carolina in this election. While President Obama is at the end of his second term, he would like to see his legacy carried forward by Hillary Clinton to top off his accomplishments.

The third reason for this trip was clearly to capture video of the two campaigning side-by-side for future political ads to be run across the country to increase turnout for Democrats.

Hillary Clinton spoke first and talked about her admiration for President Obama as a colleague in the U.S. Senate, as a competitor for the Democratic nomination in 2008, as a debater in the midst of that race, as a team member in President Obama’s cabinet as Secretary of State, and finally as a friend. She remarked how impressed she was with his performance through some very tough times. With the presidential seal on the rostrum in front of her, she committed to carry on and to go forward from his leadership to the country.

Then, she turned to podium over to President Obama. The president addressed a litany of issues from economic policy and job creation, deficit reduction and budget management, foreign relations and America’s stature in the world, health care reform, climate change and reform, and also energy production.

As I was looking on, it was clear that each issue that he addressed could be a clip in a political spot in support of Hillary Clinton. I am confident that we will see campaign commercials that will exhibit one or more of his comments. It was important for the campaign to capture these comments before the Philadelphia convention, so that the commercials can be prepared for the three months preceding the election.

The mechanics of this event were very well managed. You could see that the advance team had everything set up to make the most of this opportunity. Held on the lower level of the Charlotte Convention Center, it accommodated three to four thousand people. The speaker’s platform was situated in the middle of a 360-degree setup so that the President and Clinton would be surrounded by fans from all angles.

The signs, flags and slogans were appropriately placed so that the cameras could not help but capture both the speakers and the American flag with the brand new slogan “Stronger Together,” maximizing the impact of the audience and the layout of the set.

It was standing room only. the crowd was hyped by music and drums and speeches from Roy Cooper, Democrat for Governor, and Deborah Ross, Democrat for U.S. Senate, and others. While the room was cool before the speeches started, it soon warmed up. Before the end, I saw several people helped or carried out from heat exhaustion. It was jam-packed to make it a rousing rally.

With North Carolina in play for both Republicans and Democrats, we can expect more visits from both of the candidates.

Photo taken by Jim Froneberger.

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