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The Clean and Dry Pros Dry•Pro Basement Systems Solves Foundation and Crawl Space Problems

The Clean and Dry Pros Solve Problems

Dry•Pro Basement Systems are foundation and crawlspace specialists. Founded in 1999, the company has evolved into a comprehensive, one-stop-solution provider for homes and businesses that need some shoring up of their foundations—whether basement, crawlspace or slab—or suffer the musty scent and attendant damage of moisture problems. “We’re out there and people see us,” says founder and CEO Ron Weatherly Jr. “They want to use somebody they can trust.”

The Clean and Dry Pros

Dry•Pro Basement Systems Solves Foundation and Crawl Space Problems

Dry•Pro Basement Systems are foundation and crawlspace specialists. Founded in 1999, the company has evolved into a comprehensive, one-stop-solution provider for homes and businesses that need some shoring up of their foundations—whether basement, crawlspace or slab—or suffer the musty scent and attendant damage of moisture problems.

Founder and CEO Ron Weatherly Jr. says the award-winning business has comprehensive services for the full range of potential problems in below-grade construction, from shifting footings to softened wood structures to cracked slabs.

Most recently, Dry•Pro has started providing PolyLEVEL injected foam for stabilizing slabs, gained a general contractor’s license for its work, and expanded its offerings to include repair of damage when the basic problem is solved, such as tuckpointing once-cracked brick walls.

Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists

“Now we can handle the gamut of everything,” Weatherly says. “From the floorboards down, we can help with it.”

The company, which has grown to upwards of 60 employees, serves customers in a six-county area around Charlotte including Concord, Kannapolis, Hickory, Gastonia, Statesville, Huntersville, Matthews, Salisbury, Monroe, Morganton, Newton, Shelby, Kings Mountain, Mount Holly, Belmont, Lincolnton, Albemarle, and Indian Trail.

Dry•Pro is an Authorized Basement Systems dealer and offers services for both new construction and homeowners or business owners who have encountered problems in their existing structures. On-site inspections, consultations, and estimates are no charge.

According to Weatherly, much of his business comes from referrals through Realtors, HVAC contractors, pest exterminators, and former customers. Dry•Pro also works with Realtors to provide inspections and repair services for their clients.

Customers call when they notice cracks in drywall or brick, problems that often result from problems with the wood structure or the foundational piers. Cracks on the outside are more likely to result from foundation problems, while cracks on the inside usually reflect wood structure problems stemming from termite damage or humidity in the crawlspace.

Typical customer complaints include: “Every time it rains really heavy, my basement leaks or my basement floods.” Or, “Sometimes we get these musty smells coming from the crawlspace in certain rooms. Or, customers report that they walk in the house and everything rattles in the china cabinet. Or, “The door is not opening and shutting—you have to pull hard to get it open.” Or, “The windows on one side of the house don’t open anymore.”

Customers sometimes are working in the yard and see a crack in the brick that goes up to the roof or to a window. Or they see the basement wall has a crack down the center and is bowing in.

“With footings, typically you’re going to see a problem outside the home,” clarifies Weatherly. “The wood structural is going to be more interior cracks. But all customers know is that they see cracks and they need to get this fixed.”

Working on a Good Foundation

 Dry•Pro has two wood structural crews who spend full-time on such repairs, unlike typical contractors who focus on interior home remodels. The preponderance of dirt crawl spaces in the Charlotte area can mean challenging working conditions in tight surroundings.

“We’ve really grown in that market,” Weatherly says. “That’s probably what sets us apart from a lot of our competition. A general contractor might do wood repair for a home once a month or once every couple of months. All we do is structural repairs under homes. The crew that works on that gets to be really good at it. Contractors don’t necessarily like to lie on their backs and do their work. They’d rather be doing a remodel.”

In addition to wall cracks, crawlspace problems can lead to foul odors in the house and even heightened allergy and asthma problems. When they are solved and the crawlspace is dry, the homeowner can see savings on energy costs and gain more useable storage space.

Moisture accumulates in crawlspaces because water in the air that enters from outside condenses when it encounters the cool air in the crawlspace. Mold that grows in those conditions is drawn through the house as air rises and escapes through roof vents. In addition to humidity from outside, water can get into a crawlspace through groundwater flooding or plumbing leaks.

The solutions can involve sealing crawlspace doors and vents to keep out moisture, removing standing water sources with a drain and sump pump, repairing areas of mold and rot in the structure, insulating the crawlspace and encapsulating it with a liner, and installing a dehumidifier for guaranteed dry conditions.

Weatherly adds, “If the structure is sagging, installation of Smartjack Crawl Space Stabilizers can solve the problem.”


When the problem involves the foundation’s footings, Dry•Pro enlists an engineer to design the solution as required by North Caroline guidelines.

“We drill into the ground until we hit good soil,” Weather explains. “We attach a bracket to the pier and attach it to the footing about every six feet.”

For example, the Push Pier System by Foundation Supportworks involves heavy-duty steel tube sections pushed through the inadequate soil to a more stable layer and attached to the foundation with brackets. Dry•Pro is a member of the Foundation Supportworks international contractor network based in Omaha, Nebraska, and its employees are certified by the agency.

If the problem is a bucking wall because of pressure from the soil outside, Dry•Pro can install a wall anchor system. Over time, the anchor can be tightened to return walls to their original orientation. If the repair needs to be finished more quickly, that can be accomplished by excavating the soil around the wall. Dry•Pro uses the GeoLock Wall Anchor System, which requires only a one inch hole in the wall for the rod that connects a steel plate to the anchor outside.

New Technology for Slabs

 Homeowners and business owners also call Dry•Pro when they notice cracks in a slab floor.

“Most often, we drill a couple of small holes in a handful of areas and pump in a structural foam under the slab,” Weatherly explains. “It fills the void and raises it at the same time. The hole is roughly the size of a penny.”

Dry•Pro uses PolyLEVEL rather than another alternative, called mudjacking. Weatherly explains that mudjacking pumps in heavy cement slurry, which can lead to further movement, and requires a hole the size of a soda can. Also, PolyLEVEL is lighter—two pounds per cubic foot compared to 100 pounds per cubic foot—and expands in all directions.

Dry•Pro also uses this technology for concrete sidewalks, garage floors and pool areas as well as commercial spaces such as factory floors. PolyLEVEL cures in 5 to 15 minutes after application, compared to a full day’s curing for mudjacking, and the floor can be used in a half-hour.

“We’ve gotten some really cool results out of it and we’ve saved customers money,” Weatherly attests, adding that more commercial customers are beginning to notice the company’s service. “We can go in and put PolyLEVEL under the slab and lift it back up in most cases.”

Most impressively, demolishing the cracked concrete, removing the debris and bad soil, adding and compacting good soil, and pouring a new slab can cost between $5,000 to $15,000—the PolyLEVEL solution costs are significantly lower.

Dry•Pro also installs systems for removing water from basements, a more reliable and less costly solution than digging, applying paints or sealants, and backfilling. Modern solutions with extensive warranties involve drainage and pumping systems with alarms and sophisticated battery backup.

Perimeter damage, crawlspace and basement waterproofing systems come with a lifetime warranty. When the work is finished, Dry•Pro offers an annual maintenance program that includes checking pump operation, cleaning sediment and silt from the sump liner, changing the batteries in the WaterWatch Alarm, checking the discharge line to prevent freezing, inspecting for potential problems, and, with the SaniDry Basement Air System, when applicable, replacing the filter and oiling the equipment.


Staying Out in Front

 Dry•Pro continually offers new services ever since its founding 16 years ago. It has added bowing wall repair, a mudjacking alternative, and many other foundation and basement repair products over the years.

“I do see us continuing to get into things,” Weatherly says, such as the tuckpointing that involves the art of matching existing colors so the repair is seamless. “We want to add services that help with the customer experience.”

Weatherly, who did landscaping, cleaning, and sales work after studying business at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tenn., moved to Charlotte and worked in a textile business before starting Dry•Pro. He worked nights while getting the business off the ground.

A true family business, Weatherly’s wife Holly manages the office, and his father Ron Sr., a military retiree who joined in 2003, runs the production side.

Early on, Weatherly affiliated with the 300-member Basement Systems and Foundation Support Works International Contractor network for access to products, support and more than 1,000 hours of staff training each year. Basement Systems has been developing products for keeping basements dry since 1987.

Weatherly expanded the business into mold remediation and duct cleaning in 2006, when he bought the established AdvantaClean of Charlotte company, a diversification that left him less dependent on solving water problems only.

While the recession led to a brief dip in business, Weatherly says the service is not as sensitive to economic conditions as some home remodeling companies.

“If somebody’s got a problem, they’ve got to fix it, whether it’s now or down their road,” he says. “It’s their house, and it’s one of their largest investments. You can’t put off foundation repairs like a kitchen or bathroom remodel.”

Customers appreciate the longstanding company’s services. Dry•Pro has an average 4.8 of 5-star ranking among 125 Google reviews, and has received the Angie’s List SuperService award in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2013. It has an A-Plus Better Business Bureau rating.

In 2006 and 2007, Weatherly was named Business Person of the Year by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

“We’re out there and people see us,” Weatherly says. “They want to use somebody they can trust.”


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