Wednesday , May 23, 2018

Time to BOOST NC Economic GROWTH!

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2017.05.17 BOOST NC Economic GROWTH Presentation

GREAT NEWS! Site Selection’s 2017 Prosperity Cup choice of North Carolina as the top competitive state for doing business in the United States provides yet another reason for creating, organizing and implementing a CLT Global Ambassador Campaign made up of the region’s business leaders to BOOST NC ECONOMIC GROWTH.No. 1-0

NC continues to be recognized for its incredibly rich potential for economic development and foreign direct investment, with the NC region—CLT Global—having distinct and compelling competitive advantages as the BEST place to do business in the Southeast as well as the nation and the world.

There is much to be encouraged about, but there is much work to be done, and we must champion this momentum towards prosperity from within. It is time for the business leaders of the NC region to launch an initiative to BOOST NC ECONOMIC GROWTH from the ground up—to engage, educate and train business leaders as Ambassadors to promote the opportunities for investment in the NC region.

As stakeholders in the success of economic development efforts, CLT Global business leaders “get it.” In the private sector, they are the “feet on the ground” of an army anxious to promote the superior economic development and foreign direct investment potential of the NC region as the absolute best place in the nation for business, the ideal entry point for access to the U.S. economy, and a premier manufacturing center for distribution around the globe.



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