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With New Mobile App

We live in a world where total access to information is at our fingertips via our smartphones. Smartphone sales have gone from 62.6 million units in 2010 to a projected 236.8 million in 2019 (Source: Statista 2016). As a result, social media communication has been transformed by our desire to share our experiences in real time, in the moment.

Most think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest when social media mobile use is discussed and statistics support this. LinkedIn is different than other social media. It has typically been accessed via a desktop or laptop computer. Where the other social media options are hybrid in nature, appealing to consumers and businesses, LinkedIn is dedicated to business-to-business.

Fact: Currently more than 50 percent of LinkedIn users access the platform with their mobile app. The result is a brand new, totally redesigned master LinkedIn app. We love the new mobile app because it is similar to the desktop version, which has superior navigation and enhanced capabilities.

The new app is organized into five distinct sections: Home, Me, Messaging, My Network and Search.


 From Home, you can now see a stream of news sent your way. This section includes content that has been shared or published by your network. You are given the opportunity to respond to the postings by liking, commenting and sharing what you see. By simply scrolling through the posts you are able to see information based on your interests, connections and groups.


Me includes two areas. First you’ll see the number of people who have viewed your profile as well as who’s viewed the content you have shared. This is similar to the notifications tab of the desktop version of LinkedIn. When you share content, you’ll see who has liked, commented or shared it along with an update of who’s following you.

This is a great method to stay on top of individuals who are interested in your posted content for the purpose of furthering your business relationship. You can follow up with those who have responded to your post and further the discussion about the content.

The second area of Me now allows for editing your profile instead of having to wait until you get back to your desktop. It exhibits how your profile is seen by mobile users and provides insight into how to structure it based on how it is rendered within the mobile environment.


Don’t be fooled into thinking this section is just glorified texting between you and your connections. This has been transformed into your total communication center on LinkedIn. It mirrors the new message center on the desktop version and is where all past and present communication is housed.

My Network

 Within My Network are the updates to your connections profiles that reflect their position or job change, work anniversary, and birthdays. This is similar to what is found on your desktop Home page. You may congratulate your connections with a personal note (and if local, suggest a celebratory lunch or coffee break). It’s a great way to stay on top of the changes being made by your network.

In addition, LinkedIn will suggest People You May Know based on your current connections and profile keywords. A word of warning—by clicking on the icon to the right that allows you to request a connection, you are not permitted to customize your message. We always recommend customizing connection request messages.


You’re now able to “search for people, jobs and more…” as written on the tool bar. For those of you who have used the search tool bar at the top of your desktop version, this will be very familiar. Prior to going into a business meeting with someone, check them out on LinkedIn to find out more about them. This makes it simple to access their profile.

You can do the same type of research when meeting with a company. Searching for the company name results in seeing their company page, including the latest news and possible jobs available.

Finally, when connecting with a person using the new app, you are now able to customize your connection request by clicking on the three horizontal dots at the top right of their mobile profile. There you will be able to personalize your invite, send them a private message and share the person’s profile with another individual.

Why do we love the new LinkedIn mobile app? Finally, there is integration between the desktop and mobile versions. Both now allow for simpler communication and research. LinkedIn recognizes the importance of mobile for communication purposes and now it is possible.

Content contributed by Ira and Linda Bass of Connect To Success, specializing in LinkedIn individual and group training for corporations, associations and networking groups along with communication coaching. For more information, please contact Ira Bass at or 704-989-3790. Learn more at



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