Tuesday , December 11, 2018

When LinkedIn Opportunity Knocks, Are You Paying Attention?

LinkedIn provides you with an abundance of opportunities to grow your business that you may not be aware of. Favorable chances to connect with your prospects are around every conceivable corner of the platform. We often receive several types of notifications on LinkedIn such as someone’s career change, recommendations from colleagues and clients, or interesting posts that our connections have published. Each of these instances may be the “crack in the door” to re-establish a business relationship, a reason to catch up, or initiate a conversation.


You may find a position or potentially be found for your next career move. If your profile is optimized with strategic keywords, a recruiter seeking someone with your credentials has a greater chance of finding you in their search for candidates with your experience. LinkedIn has revolutionized the recruitment industry with 95 percent of all recruiters looking for “A” list talent. Be found and be proactive!




LinkedIn Opportunity Knocks. When LinkedIn opportunities knock, you need to pay attention and act upon them. Here are some examples:


Endorsements. If one of your connections endorses you for a skill, thank the endorser and return the favor if you are comfortable doing so. Many of us receive endorsements from individuals we have never conducted business with. Take this as an opening and run with it. Offer to meet to establish or rekindle the relationship.


Who’s Viewed Your Profile? Check who has viewed your profile daily. People who look at your profile might be interested in doing business with you. Be proactive and send them a message that you saw them viewing your profile and ask if there is something you can do for them. Most of the time this will result in a new connection and possibly new business.


“Likes” or Comments in Groups. If a LinkedIn member “likes” or comments on a post that you have shared with a group, this is a great opportunity to acknowledge the person and thank them for the “like” or respond to the comment. This response gets you noticed within the group which will further your personal brand marketing and could result in a meeting in the future.


Freely Message Group Members or Post Articles. Joining 50 groups and 50 sub-groups gives you access to group members and allows you to message them without requiring a connection. This exposes you to thousands of prospective clients and key people in your industry.


     Post an informative article in an appropriate group. Comment on other’s posts within the group to become more visible to the group members. Becoming a Top Contributor in a group results in the posting of your picture and headline on the group’s front page. What a great way to generate free publicity and notoriety!


Life Change Notifications. When you receive a notification of a network member’s job change, birthday or work anniversary, congratulate the person and suggest a celebratory lunch. This action can lead to the growth of your network and referrals. It’s a great way to get start a conversation!


Recommendations Received. Receiving a recommendation from one of your connections to add to your profile is a great way to establish your credibility. After accepting the recommendation, consider returning the favor and possibly suggest a meeting or phone call. This interaction offers an additional chance to build upon a relationship for potential referrals.


Sharing or Publishing an Article. You can create another touch point moment designed to keep you top of mind by sharing a relevant article with a connection. By doing so you are portrayed as a Thought Leader and a portal of information in your industry to your network.


   Most LinkedIn members have already received access to LinkedIn Publisher. This new feature allows members to post interesting and compelling original articles. Hopefully your topic will strike a chord with your readers who will share your article with their LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter connections. This is a tremendous opportunity! By utilizing the publishing tool you can expand your reach to thousands of people, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and enhance your personal brand.




Be sure to make the most of your opportunities within the LinkedIn platform. Each of these recommendations really works! We have seen every single example cited here build businesses. Go ahead and try a few. Drop us a note and let us know what LinkedIn opportunities you used to grow your business.


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